Sand Sculpture Exhibition

The main attraction of the Hrabovo Kingdom is an exhibition tent with an area of 600 m2, which hides more than 400,000 kg of sand. At this place you can find yourself right by the sea, lie down on sun loungers under the real palm trees and refresh yourself in our original summer bar on the beach. Let yourself enjoy the unique largest and highest sand sculpture exhibition in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, led by Adam Bakos. Dozens of hand carved sand sculptures in the theme of well- known Slovak and foreign characters and heroes await you here. The carvers were inspired by the popular fairy tales like The Ice Kingdom, The Simpsons or the Paw Patrol. You will also surely enjoy other sculptures inspired by Harry Poter or Pirates of the Caribbean. By combining these characters and the sand sculpture exhibition, the fairy tale exhibition becomes remarkable. Don’t miss this unique experience. The tickets can be purchased in the ticket tent just in front of the exhibition complex.